Wednesday, August 06, 2008


World was a noisecore band from Osaka, Japan and consisted of:

Hiroshi Zen (aka Left): Vocals and Noise
Akira Kawabata (aka Right): Vocals
Tadahiko Aono (aka Center): Drums
Kaname Ohara (original drummer, plays on 1st 7” only)

World is a fast, totally fucked brutal noisecore band from Osaka that started out circa 1995-96. They are the classic blurrcore threepiece except they have no guitar. So, only a drummer and 2 vocalists, but enough to generate one of the craziest noise ever made. Sort of like Masonna with drums. All their noise is generated via a special microphone created by Hiroshi Zen.

Interesting note about World's titles, each song has 2 titles because the vocalists both named their songs distinctly. For example, "Burned Away by Yourself" is also called "I Hate this World." ???????

This is about as fucked and crazy is it gets. Good luck finding this shit. I was only able to track down the split 7" w/ Crippled Bastards in Osaka a few years ago. Just got the rest of their mp3's ripped from a friend. You may be able to find the CD compilation easier than trying to find their individual 7" records.

Less than 30 minutes of total recorded output in 4 years, and some of the best in their genre. As far as I know, this band now kaput.
However, I heard Akira is now performing as a one-man noise artist.

1996: “Why Who What” 7” (S/Sided, Meaningless Sounds, MS #003)
1995-7: "Snarl Out Vol. 1" Compilation 7"(Slightly Fast Records)
1996: “Why Nobody Understand?”: World/Yesmeansyes Split 7” (NAT Records, NAT #004)
1998: "Space - Grind Osaka" 7" (M.C.R. Company)
1999: split with CRIPPLE BASTARDS 7" (Nat Records)
200?: "why deprive the world of World???" Digipack CD collection (Lofiordie Records)

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distended labia said...

the other vocalist plays in a good grind band from Osaka called RED.